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The production and the calendar

Crops calendar starts mid-May with cherries. Burlat, Starck, Reverchon or Coeur de pigeon are our workaday till end of June.In July arrive the apricots - our main production - with the Orangered then the Orangé de Provence and finally the Bergeron. Formerly most part of the production was dedicated to expedition, which mean apricots had to be picked green, barely orange. For few years now, concerned by quality for customers we have only been doing direct sales via a stall installed on the edge of the road. There, we sell mature daily picked apricots and customers are delighted. During July we also have the first figs crop: the Grise de Tarascon which is a flower fig. We also sell them directly for the great pleasure of lovers. From mid-August to mid-September, new figs crop dedicated to jams, compotes and fruit packing. At last, in September arrives the quinces season. We prapre it in jam as it can't be eaten raw.And it is the end of the fruits, but not the end of the year! in December, we start again. This time for olives crop. Thereafter, they will have to spend 6 months in pickle to loose their bitterness and so will be ready just on time as next summer appetisers.The other months are dedicated to sustainment and cleaning of the orchard, treatment and trim.

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