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History of the Old Village of Sahune
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Till the middle of the XIXth century the Sahune valley was a dead-end because the bed of the Aygues river coming from the East was made of impassable gorges, so the only access was downstream, towards West. At the North and South, mountains only offered way to pedestrians and jennies. In spite populated since bronze age, the modest plain wasn't a transit place and lived in a nearly complete autarky.

In 1728, the parish enumerate 686 inhabitants, it will even run over 800 during the XVIIIth century.

Till the end of the XIXth century Sahune will be a village of shoemakers. There will be more than 75 enumarated, all allocated in workshops of one to fourteen workmen.

And then, new century, new villageThe lack of water and sun, the end of autarky, the end of medieval farming and the bloodshed of the World War 1 overcame the old village. The building of a new bridge in 1888, a new church in 1931, and a new cemetery combined with the fact that the new activities (silk factory, farrier, hostel), and administrations (town hall, post office) were along the national road led to an inevitable abandonment of the old village at the end of 1930s by its last inhabitants.

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