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The village of St May: 2h30 walk or less than 10 minutes by car Perched at the top of a cliff overlooking the River Aygues, this is a charming village not to be missed during your stay. If it has rained recently (which is quite rare), do not forget to stop at the two waterfalls about 2km from Sahune.

The town of Nyons: 15 minutes by car If you choose to visit Nyons in the early morning you will be welcomed by the Pontias. This is a very cold wind which only blows in the morning and it is this wind which provides Nyons with its excellent quality of air. A legend well known by the local inhabitants explains the presence of the Pontias. Can you find it?During your visit to Nyons, do not miss the old town. From the Place des Arcades to the Romanesque bridge, wander through the narrow streets passing by the chapel with its panoramic viewpoint over the town. If you still have some time, go to the Oil Mill where you will discover all the secrets of the famous Nyons olive.

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