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"Les Amis du Vieux Sahune "

(Old Sahune Friends)

Originally created for the restoration of the Saint Joseph chapel, the association "les amis du vieux Sahune" was a natural setting for the work undertaken since 1995 in order to find the streets the houses location in the village of yesteryear and maintain communal lanes.The goal is not to rebuid the village but to give it some life - hence the idea of clearing and consolidate the church dated of 1602, returned in the meantime property of the municipality, of building on a communal place a fountain and an oven made on the model of ancient bakery ovens...All these acomplishments are the result of volunteer effort and few members who dadicate one Saturday per month to their passion for this part of Sahune heritage. They are funded by membership dues, grants from the City and County as well as local sponsors and the benefits of Summer celebration - not to mention the sale of a vintage red wine special "Old village".

Source for these two pages of history : Flyer distributed by the Association "Les Amis du Vieux Sahune"

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